Briella is a Dutch import and export company,quite experienced at wholesale’s trade.  Briella has been on the market for many years now and having received a vast customer base , aims to conquer not only the indigenous but the European market too.

For a series of years the corporation has achieved a rapid growth based on its experience, its executive’s skills,its technical mastery and the huge financial investments, which are accomplished in order to be always able to serve its customers with the best possible way, satisfying their demands and providing them with the products they desire, in the most reasonable prices keeping their quality high.

With its consistent strategy, always presents a wide range of merchandises, covering all   the possible demands on the business environment.The company operates commercially only with wholesales on the field of: linen, hotel equipment, textiles, household goods, furniture, electrical appliances, electronics, tools, leather goods, clothing, footwear and other products, at the indigenous and the European market too.

The corporation has also the capability to operate commercially in any product, so as to cover the needs of its vast customer base and every potential client, with the products they demand at the quality they desire, so as to satisfy them.

For this reason the corporation invites all the trading companies which are interested to buy products at the most competitive prices and the highest quality, to cooperate with Briella. Providing them the guarantee that its products has the absolute connection between price and quality.

The company broaden constantly its customer base looking for experienced suppliers, who can provide our corporation high quality products at the most reasonable prices, so as to expand its clients base, in order to achieve its goal, which is to become the most competitive company in Netherlands and Europe.

It’s a great honor of our corporation to acquire new and reliable partners constantly, who are experienced in our field, with great capability. We aim to those who reading this text to be the next!

Please do not hesitate to contact our company’s executives who will contact you immediately, with great pleasure, aimed to collaborate with you with credibility.

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